Finding your best niche long-tailed keywords in three easy steps

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Before we start here are some terms which will be used here.


What are the keywords

Keywords can be topics and phrases that relate to your content and what is it about. They’re the words and ideas that searchers put to search bar of search engines like google and Microsoft bing, those can also be called “search queries.”

What is Niche keywords?

Niche keywords are the highly specific long-tail keywords that pertain to a narrow industry vertical.

What are long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer plus they are more specific keyword or phrases that visitors are may use when they’re very close to a point-of-purchase.

What are PPC ads

Pay-per-click can be called an internet advertising model which is widely used to drive traffic to websites, where an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. For example google search engine ads that pop up on top of any search result are ads. If you click on

them those clicks will be counted and google will charge for that particular click from the
the website which was showing its ad there on your search query. Native ads are also part of it
Taboola Outbrain etc. Those ads which show up when you are reading something on
particular website.

What is ROI

ROI is the Return On Investment on any ad campaigns like google ppc ads Instagram ads
etc. The components of the ROI formula are timeframe, benefits, and cost.
In Google Analytics, the ROI analysis is done via Return on Advertising Spend So while
the report is ‘ROI Analysis’ report, it is actually computing Return on Advertising Spend.

What is SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be said as the process of growing the quality and
quantity of traffic or reach of the website by generally increasing the visibility of a website to
users of a web search engine. It may target different kinds of searches, including image
search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

What is a keyword tool

Keyword Tool is an online keyword research instrument that uses Google Autocomplete to
generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords for any topic. Google Autocomplete is a
the feature used in Google Search. This is to enhance the user search experience.

Why is it necessary to do keyword research

It’s important to modify your website and your pay-per-click campaigns for specific
keywords and not just use, popular terms, which are generally too difficult to get ranked,
especially as if you are launching something new like you are doing marketing for newly
launched website or new application.

So we can continue the guide to refine perfect keywords for your industry.

If you are just a beginner with search marketing and keywords, a new digital marketer-
new to terms like SEO. Maybe launching a new app, website or planning for some product
launch. It is very important to learn the impact of using proper keywords, and you need to
a plan for marketing your products.

There are lots of free keyword tools here we will provide you with some links.
here we will explain in detail how to find proper keywords for your products and help you
attain high ROI with industry-specific keyword research.

Top Ten Keyword Research Tool :

Soovle – Scrape suggested keywords from multiple sources.
Jaaxy – Get thousands of related keyword ideas within seconds.
Google Search Console – Find hundreds of “Opportunity Keywords”.
Ahrefs Keywords Explorer – Make smarter keyword decisions.
SECockpit – Keyword research for SEO pros.
Seoprofiler– Get this free keyword research tool
Ranktank– Find finest long-tail keywords here – Get boatloads of targeted keyword ideas.
Izito – Get thousand of results from multiple sources
WordStream – get niche keywords easily

We have simplified the process to sort and select good keywords into three steps for you

First step

 we need to select one or two keyword research tools to find niche keywords or
long-tail keyword tailored to your needs.
we can start with an example like suppose you own a website offering pet products.
Although you may be into this business for years, it will be hard to predict which specific
the keyword is going to be useful and will get more clicks.

keyword research tool can provide you with a variety of potential keywords and opportunities
and some lesser-known keywords and phrases which can help you get more and more click
and clients conversions. so you need a good amount of striking keywords to drive traffic to
your website.

Most of the free keyword tool is best for basic introductory keyword research for PPC.
A free tool is able to give a brief list of terms, while there is more required. a broad list of
industry-specific long-tail keywords and keyword variations which you can’t just tell by
yourself. As we can get lots of keyword ideas for the phrase “pet products”. This is good
but many of that keyword suggestion will not be as profitable as they seem to be.

keyword research tool image pet products

Second Step

 You need to refine to get long-tail niche keyword
A bunch of some specific keywords is of no value by themselves but they are just simply a
way to predict and give suggestions. Ultimately it all depends on how you use and implement
those keywords and that will decide whether that keyword will be profitable to you or
not. So we need to refine in order to make the process easier.

There are a variety of ways to refine your keyword research using free Keyword Tool.
When you feed a keyword or URL, the Keyword Tool provides a summary list of search
queries along with their Google Search Volume. Never forget that keyword list should be
as specific to your website and your products. only relevant keywords are valuable to you.
so all the suggested term are not meant to be used be very specific of what sense it creates
does it belong to something you have on the website or is linked with your product? and also
selecting a very specific keyword is of no use as a particular keyword only deals with one or
two products on the website then it is not the best to be used for PPC.

Well that suggested keyword can also give you hint on what’s trending in that industry
and segments so you can add them to your list and then further improve your inventory or

Third Step

 Now you need to decide how much competition is your long-tailed niche
keywords or keyword phrases are. So now we can say you need to evaluate the difficulty of
getting that keyword to rank high on google search engine. But there is more to do
analyse the difficulty in ranking or competitiveness of keywords.

wordstream a keyword research tool has some additional features like WordStream
opportunity score. This works when you have connected to your AdWords account to there
keyword tool. their algorithm can decide the feasibility of given search query for your PPC
ad strategy and overly competitive terms can be removed and only the right keywords can be
used and generate high ROI from your ad campaign.

Keep an eye on your ad campaigns you need to constantly modify and monitor your add
campaigns. There is a lot of investment of time and energy into identifying the finest niche
keyword or phrases. So you can now connect those word and make them work and monitor
the performance of the changes and constantly keep doing side by side more research and
implement those in your ad campaigns or blogs or content of your websites. Which will
improve your all-over results.

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