1. The electron arrangement of the oxide ion seems to be very similar to the electron
    configuration of the oxide ion.
    a) Sulphide ion b) Nitride ion
    c) Oxygen atom d) Nitrogen atom
    Answer b
  2. The ground state term symbol for an electronic state shall be governed by
    a) Heisenberg’s principle b) Hund’s rule
    c) Aufbau principle d) Pauli exclusion principle
    Answer b
  3. What is stark effect?
    a) Splitting up of the lines in an emission
    spectrum in the presence of an external
    electrostatic field
    b) Random scattering of light by colloidal particles
    c) Splitting up of the lines in an emission
    spectrum in a magnetic field
    d) Emission of electrons from metals when light
    falls upon them
    Answer a
  4. The theory of photoelectric effect of Einstein is based on
    a) Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory of light b) Planck’s quantum theory of light
    c) Both of the above d) None of the above
    Answer b
  5. The wave nature including its electrons has been demonstrated
    a) Schrodinger b) De-Broglie
    c) Davisson and Garmer d) Heisenberg
    Answer b
  6. If the angle of inclination of the inclined plane is θ, the object falls down at a uniform
    velocity. If the same point is forced up with an initial velocity u on the same inclined plane, it
    pushes up the surface and stops at a certain distance on the plane. After that, the body
    a) Slides down the inclined plane and reaches
    the ground with velocity u. b) Slides down the inclined plane and reaches the
    ground with velocity less than u.
    c) Slides down the inclined plane and reaches
    the ground with velocity greater than u.
    Answer d
    d) Stays at rest on the inclined plane and will not
    slide down.
  7. The boy stands over the middle of the horizontal frame, which spins freely at a speed of 2
    revolutions/sec around the vertical axis across the centre of the platform and straight up
    through the boy. He keeps 2 kg of weight in both of his hands close to his body. The overall
    time of inertia of the system is 1 kg×metre^2. The boy is now extending his arms to keep the
    mass of machine inertia to 2 kg × meter^2. In the above case, the kinetic energy of the
    device can be equivalent to that of the prior case.
    a) Remains unchanged b) Decrease
    b) Increase d) Remains uncertain
    Answer b
  8. The athlete throws the rest disk at the final angular velocity of 15 rads^(-1) in 0.270 s before
    releasing it. During acceleration, the discus travels a circular arc with a radius of 0.810 m
    Discus acceleration before it is released _______m/s
    a) 45 b) 182
    c) 187 d) 192
    Answer a
  9. Point P on the tire rim is momentarily at rest and in contact with the ground. Find the
    displacement of point P when the circumference of the wheel is 5 m and the wheel rolls
    forward across half a revolution.
    a) 5 m b) 10 m
    c) 2.5 m d) 5(�(π2 + 4) )m
    Answer d
  10. A man of mass M stands on one edge of a plank of length lying on a frictionless horizontal
    surface. The guy walked to the other end of the plank. If the plank mass is M/3, the distance
    the man travels is relative to the ground.
    a) L b) L/4
    b) 3L/4 d) L/3
    Answer c
  11. Pith is a core part of the soil tissue that is usually made up of
    a) Parenchyma b) Collenchyma
    c) Chlorenchyma d) Sclerenchyma
  12. Examples for lateral meristems are
    a) Phellogen and procambium b) Fascicular cambium and procambium
    c) Procambium and dermatogen d) Fascicular cambium and cork cambium
  13. Cells without the power of cell division are formed
    a) Primary meristem b) Fascicular cambium
    c) Cork cambium d) All of these
  14. The largest number of chloroplasts is present in
    a) Palisade tissue b) Spongy tissue
    c) Transfusion tissue d) Bundle sheath cells
  15. Which of the three sub-areas of the dicot stem cortex has the function of supplying
    mechanical power to the young stem?
    a) Hypodermis b) Cortical layers
    c) Endodermis d) Both (a) and (c)
    Answer a,d,d,a,a
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