Digital Marketing and its Components

Important Elements of Digital Marketing 

Netfair digital marketing strategies

Do you have digital marketing plans?

Online marketing strategies have higher impact compared to traditional marketing. Using digital marketing strategies will generate higher output than any other.

You will get to know about digital marketing key points — digital marketing elements that should be implemented

What should be included in your digital marketing?

1. SEO

2. PPC

3. Website Design

4. Content marketing

5. Social media marketing

Let’s go in detail

1.   SEO –  Search engine optimization

Basic requisite of efficient digital marketing, SEO itself includes its own element to get it working. To rank on the first page of search results you need to work on SEO. `

Why is ranking on top important

3 in 4 people don’t click the 2nd page of search results. Even if it is a perfectly designed website in the world, if it does not rank on the first page, many internet users will never notice it.

When your site ranks at the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs), you will get better authentic leads and conversion when searching for buying or looking for a business. Therefore, higher search rankings provide you with more leads,  calls, and earnings for your company.

How to rank in first-page search results? there are various SEO strategies for the business which should include:

1.Build a useful content which answers searchers’ most common questions

2. Simplify your website codes, plugins increase page speed

3. Designing your website with best user experience (UX)

4. Provide easy navigation option 

5. Get backlinks from reputable sites

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2.       Pay-per-click -PPC 

Pay-per-click is an easy strategy for building a presence in search results while you get organic rankings from the SEO part.

want to boost rankings ultrafast , PPC can bring qualified business leads for your website within a minute your ads go live and wait for the calls — it depends on you how much you want to invest daily in your ads from 0.5$ to any amount you could.

What is best for PPC advertising? You only pay when people click your ads. Google has also started verified calls so that your clicks are never wasted. Another good part, you only get interested people to click on your ads. PPC offers advanced options to choose where and to which google keywords. So it allows you to concentrate on your target customers.

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3.       Website designing strategy

Any digital marketing components you use bring leads to the site — your website should make a positive impact on potential customers.Almost every person’s first impression comes from website design and how easy it’s to get there, so it has importance in your online marketing plan.

make sure website doesn’t looks like old school or takes long time to load, user will click back button within few seconds

Make a website that has user engagement and is beautiful which also gives the impression about your brand and people get easily what they need from your website.

Besides making your website load faster, make navigation options as easy as possible, if users will find it hard to click and where to go most probably they may never come back, with millions of sites and similar businesses on the internet people judge very quickly.

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4.       Content marketing

To improve your search rankings and get potential customers to know more about your website & business, you need to implement content into your digital marketing Plans .Do you wish to get more leads and business, content marketing is a best strategy, it can make 3x more leads and chances of conversion compared with traditional marketing method. Start investing in right direction today

Quality of your content is a main part of content marketing. Quality content is one with target keywords which are related to your business and remember they should also answer searchers’ questions, which in turn makes it easy to achieve top ranking in search results.

Building your own content, you should focus and think about depth and quality .Also focus on that your content effectively provides answers to searchers’ questions, or if it leaves them with unanswered questions or they do not get enough information . Also there is focus required on calls to action (CTAs) which decide where the user will end up after reading your content.

If you focus on points provided above for content you create,  you can decide and create content that ranks at the top of search engine results. This also helps you provide website users with the information they are hunting may lead them to potential clients in future. It also builds brand image and your website can be a frequent visit plus chances of resharing of such content increases.

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5.       Social media marketing

Today around 2 billion people are on social media, therefore it is an important part of digital marketing plans to look for.

Social media helps you to connect and reach with your current and active potential users — and help you develop better relationships, engagement, and brand image with the public. It is also beneficial as users with questions about your products and services, they can reach and ask you on social sites. Beware users also come online for criticism.

Social media presence allows you to notice key trends & insights into users’ thoughts and their opinions about your company, products, services, and even competitors. This information can be used to build proper strategies almost every social platform allows us to create and run ad campaigns so you can target and connect with your potential users.

Social media is an important customer service tool for modern times. Nowadays, more than half of people have used social media for connecting with customer services, it can be to provide reviews of our complaints

Increase your social media presence by replying to comments in a timely manner and also in a way that makes consumers feel seen and noticed. At last, this should help you build trust with your customer and they may become frequent users and customers

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